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Kitchens are in many ways are the life force of our homes, a social and practical area where a great deal of our day is spent which is something our plumbers keep in mind. If you are considering making changes to or renovating yours in any way, either to change the aesthetic appeal or with an aim to increasing the buyer appeal to your home on the property market, then you will be in safe hands with our team.

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The full package

The combination and experience of the plumbers on our team means we can take care of any job or specific requirements you might have. From something as simple as installing a new dishwasher that needs plumbing in, a washing machine fitted, the installation of new taps, an emergency involving a burst pipe or a leaking tap, our plumbers are at hand ready to offer their craftsmanship and creativity.

Preventative measures

Sometimes it’s better to have foresight for what can potentially go wrong, we recommend installing preventative measures to potential problems so that a leak doesn’t turn into a flood. In an emergency you will need to quickly shut off the water supply but many stopcocks are placed in inconvenient places or require herculean strength to turn. By installing a Sure stop or Auto stopcock, you will have access at a place of your choosing anywhere in your house so that you may switch off your water quickly before any considerable damage is done, saving you a fortune on what would of otherwise been costly repairs.

Our Expert Plumbers

You don’t think we would let just anyone on our team do you? All of our plumber are trained to the highest qualifications meaning they have the know how and expertise to take on any kitchen plumbing job require, we’re friendly and don’t breaks every 15 minutes, we’re here to work and make sure your home doesn’t start to feel like a war zone, completing your job without rushing it so ensure minimum disruption to your household

Water Efficiency

The more water you use the higher your bills are going to be; a no brainer really. To help you save that extra money to put towards a holiday we can recommend you on devices which will not only lower your energy bills but also give you that feel good sensation of doing something for the environment too. By using Products such as tap inserts and Auto stopcocks you have the best chance at reducing your water consumption and saving a few bob on bills.

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