Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom installations + much more!

Touching up your bathroom is one of the most effective ways to add modern appeal to your home, accomplishing better all around aesthetics as well as adding some welcome figures to the overall value of your home without burning a hole in your wallet first. The Plumber Watford have all the skills required when it comes to bathroom installations from taps and showers to a complete new fitting, we pride ourselves in achieving quality and minimising disruption to your daily life.

tap shower installation

Experts in bathroom fitting and remodelling

hiring our engineers guarantees that you are working with experts whobathroom fitting watford experience in all facets of bathroom plumbing. No matter your requirements our plumbers can deliver. Whether it’s the installation of a full bathroom suite, a new bath tub or even smaller jobs such as showers, taps or cabinets. At the plumber wharf would weaken oversee the complete process for you including acquiring materials, planning and fitting. There is no need for you to experience any hassle instead leave everything in our capable hands.bathroom installation

Our expert plumbers

Every member of the team is trained to a certified standard, and we never stop learning and refining our techniques. We focus on making sure that we are well versed in even the most specialist areas as well as the more general day to day maintenance work that is often requested. No matter the job we’re called in for you can expect it to be finished to the highest quality and with precautions in place to ensure the most protective safety standards .

Taps and showers

IF you need to simply clean up your bathroom without needing a large amount of work done, perhaps consider installing just a brand new pair of taps or a shower to breathe life into an older space. If you are having difficulties deciding or maybe are just too busy to browse the options available, then feel free to speak to one of our engineers to receive some advice on fittings we can supply. It is our pleasure to install whatever choice you settle on, you maybe surprised how much of a difference changing a few features can have on the overall appeal of your bathroom. Even if you’re not having an entirely new bathroom fitted it doesn’t mean you friends and family wont think you did!

Saving you money

Trust us when we say we understand what it’s like to want to save a few extra quid on your bills each month and you would be speaking to the right people if you want to do the same. Not only can we help you save on your outgoing expenses but you even get to feel good about doing your part for the environment too. Options range from shower head replacements, times and wastage monitoring options. Then there are things such as making sure your entire system is running efficiently, it may require a power flush which will increase your houses ability to stay warm on a minimum strain to your boiler, this makes a noticeable difference to your annual bills not to mention your mood!